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Dinosaur by David Lambert

By David Lambert

The main depended on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, finished examine their topics with a special integration of phrases and images. choked with actual dinosaur fossils, this brand-new name replaces the long-running bestseller, Eyewitness Dinosaur, and lines desktop reconstructions bringing the fossils to lifestyles and reflecting the most recent principles on how dinosaurs appeared and behaved.

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7 metric tons), and more than twice that by 18. But it did not live long: by 30, the Tyrannosaurus was dead. Head tucked in Damage caused during fossilization READY TO HATCH Tiny bones found in a fossil egg helped a modelmaker to create this lifelike restoration of a Troodon about to hatch. Such eggs have been found at Egg Mountain, a Late Cretaceous fossil site in the northwest of Montana. Troodon mothers laid eggs two at a time. Incubated upright in the ground, their clutches hatched out into babies that quickly ran around.

The ancestors of sauropods walked on their hind limbs, but the weight of the guts held in front of the hip bones caused them to evolve (become adapted) over time to walking on all fours. STONES IN THE GUT Smooth stones found in the remains of some sauropods led paleontologists to believe that the dinosaurs swallowed them for use as millstones. Sauropods may have had a gizzard (muscular organ for grinding food) like a bird’s. Gastroliths (“stomach stones”) were thought to have ground up plant matter in the gizzard.

Maybe these strange claws helped it to fend off attackers. Most plant-eaters and omnivores (animals that feed on both meat and plants) had no weapons like this. Many had claws that had evolved into short, stubby nails or small hooves to protect the fingers and toes from wear. Some ornithischians may have used their claws for digging up edible plants or burrowing. A FISHY HUNTER Baryonyx (“heavy claw”) gets its name from the large, curved claw on the index finger, or possibly thumb, on each hand.

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