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Dilly For President (Dilly's Adventures) by Cynthia Copeland

By Cynthia Copeland

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Williams, the custodian, to take down my posters. Mrs. T said he didn’t like the stuff about no homework and shorter school days. I think he’s worried that after I become President, I’ll run for PRINCIPAL. 40 Poor Lauren. Her fish are dropping like flies. Only Tuesday, Friday, and Chuck are left. ) Because tomorrow’s the election, Mrs. T was talking about the importance of being a good winner and a good loser. Yeah, right. ” No time to write more . . I gotta get more votes. I think I can win Dillon Cobb over if I promise him double lunches every day.

GONE! ” 36 After recess, Meredith started passing me notes like CRAZY. I definitely won some votes today. Dilly’s BACK IN THE RACE! And soon Dilly will RETAKE THE LEAD!!! October 8, Two Days to the Election Meredith and I got together after school yesterday pretending to do spelling homework but really I was telling her all about my new poster ideas. She didn’t seem all that excited, but I told her it was the only way to win. I think she’s being an old worrywart. 37 I made the posters after dinner and put them up FIRST THING today.

R. time, Mrs. T split the class into the Senate and the House of Representatives. ) Mer is in the House (Beanie’s the head of it) and Mrs. T made dopey Titus the head of the Senate. Now my name is on the blackboard (which is, interestingly, green) under Mrs. T’s name. ” I am beginning to feel quite famous. 44 October 14 I’ve been thinking. My desk should be in front of the class, next to Mrs. T’s, not in a row with all of the regular kids. And I should have some sort of badge or medal, so that kids in other classes realize that I am the President!

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