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Die Kyniker by Klaus Doering

By Klaus Doering

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As you float now, where I held you and let go, remember when fear cramps your heart what I told you: lie gently and wide to the light-year stars, lie back, and the sea will hold you. Philip Booth, "First Lesson" Page vii CONTENTS Acknowledgments ix Abbreviations xi Chronology of the Translated Orations xiii Introduction: Themistius and His Orations 1 The Orations Oration 20. A Funeral Oration in Honor of His Father 51 Oration 21. The Examiner [], or, The Philosopher 61 Oration 22. On Friendship 88 Oration 23.

Cf. , De amicit. , Orat. 287cd, 288c, 292a. " One achieves these ends simply by frankly criticizing one's friends when they are in need of correction (276c77c). Next comes a warning against believing slanderous statements about a friend; if one is seduced by such misrepresentations, the friendship will quickly and tragically fall apart (277c79a). The warning against believing slander, like the remarks on the importance of frank criticism, seems to be intended as part of Themistius's discussion of how to safeguard friendship.

And Max. 144; Lamberton, Homer the Theologian. 43. On Eugenius's intellectual breadth, note the emperor Constantius's praise of him for not letting any of "the ancient teachings and subjects of study" () escape him (Demeg. Const. 23a). 44. I am using the edition and translation of Menander by D. Russell and N. Wilson (Oxford, 1981). 45. , Orat. 313d with n. 5 to my translation. 46 But in Oration 20 Themistius restricts himself to mature paideia, accomplishments, character, and principles. The "missing" topics, from the viewpoint of Menander's model, are family, birth, early years and rearing, and physical and material glories.

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