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Defining the Situation: The Organization of Meaning in by Peter McHugh

By Peter McHugh

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On the machine are two buttons, A and B, and above them a "Predict" sign where the amount of sale would be. The subject is instructed to punch either the A or B button every time the predict sign pops up. After he does so either the A or B button will light up as an indication of the "correct" choice. The procedure is then repeated over and over, and the subject is told to try to predict the correct answer as often as he can. Unknown to him, another subject, who has been given the same instructions, is in another room facing the same kind of machine.

IV Properties of E~nergence and Relativity Emergence Remember that emergence includes, in the present, the changing meaning of past events and future programs. The social character of events, rather than their epistemological truth or falsity, can develop new and different features even after the event has occurred or before it happens. Karl Mannheim has suggested that "patterned" definitions depend upon relating previous interpretations to present circumstances, a process in which the actor searches for homologies that "underlie" the behavior of the moment.

Last Year at Marienbad) are a nearly perfect representation of emergence, for they are devices used to indicate the influence of pasts and futures upon contemporaneous behavior, the reconstructing influence of each upon each, and the potential interplay of every single event upon every other in the life of a character or group. Here it is not the chronological sequence that is paginated seriatim, but the social sequence, where an event is described by another according to their relations to social action rather than in minutes, days, months and years.

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