Dead on My Feet (The Halflife Chronicles) by Wm. Mark Simmons

By Wm. Mark Simmons

A 12 months in the past, Chris Csejthe (pronounced "Say-thee") was once thoroughly human-then a blood transfusion with the Lord of the Undead replaced every thing. Now he's a hunted guy, sought by means of human and vampire alike for the secrets and techniques he is familiar with and the powers that his mutated blood may possibly bestow. up to now he is dodged undead assassins, werewolves, a 6,000-year-old Egyptian necromancer, and Vlad Dracula himself. yet now he is rather bought difficulties. The useless are turning up on his doorstep after darkish to invite for justice and the police need to know the place all these corpses are coming from. Undead terrorists are checking out a doomsday virus on his new homeland and he is stuck within the crossfire among a white supremacist military and the resurrected Civil warfare useless. His werewolf lover, jealous of his lifeless wife's ghost, has left him. And the centuries-old and nonetheless very attractive (and very lethal) Countess Bathory is decided to have his uniquely remodeled blood for her personal darkish reasons. Now, greater than ever, lifestyles sucks!

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Time to leave. Chapter Three Once upon a time my barbarian ancestors roamed large portions of east central Europe—sort of like the bison’s dominance of the North American prairie before the coming of the white man. My forebears probably would have liked that analogy. In fact, it worked on more than one level. But, rather than run down the list for an appalling side-by-side comparison between those lumbering smelly beasts and a herd of buffalo, just trust me: there are worse things to be compared to.

I decided to approach him but I was determined to do it carefully. In my experience, the Twilight Zone still lurks around certain corners.  . In Erzsébet’s case, the warning signs were in place before she was even born. Her mama, Anna Báthory, married Gáspár Dragfy and gave him two sons: János and Gyorgy. History is closemouthed about the details but Gáspár died in 1545. Then Anna moved on to hubby number two: Antal Drugeth. He died shortly thereafter. In 1553, she married her cousin, Baron Gyorgy Báthory, then gave birth to four more children before the Baron croaked in 1570.

Instinctively, I flung myself to the left and the vampire smashed against my former location, sending the dead body flying in one direction and the heavy structure careening in another. A light glimmered at the far end of the room, a tiny wisp of blue-gold flame. I stumbled toward it—stumbled being the operative word as I caught my toe on some unknown part of a corpse’s anatomy. As I went sprawling, I felt the intimate breeze of someone passing just overhead. He caught up with me just before I reached the glimmering light.

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