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De Anima: On the Soul by Aristotle

By Aristotle

A entire translation of Aristotle’s vintage paintings De Anima supplemented with well-chosen notes and a accomplished creation. additionally ordinarily translated as at the Soul, this paintings is a seminal paintings from the roots of Classical considering at the nature of lifestyles and the lifeforce.

Focus Philosophical Library translations are just about and are non-interpretative of the unique textual content, with the notes and a thesaurus meaning to give you the reader with a few feel of the phrases and the techniques as they have been understood through Aristotle’s speedy audience.

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But the soul will be in a place if it does indeed partake in motion by nature. Moreover, if it is in motion by nature, it could also be moved by force; and if by force, also by nature. The same holds too with respect to rest: where a thing is moved by nature, it rests by nature, and similarly where it is moved by force it rests by force. What sorts of forced motions and rests of the soul there will be is not easy to explain, not even for those who are willing to craft fictions. Furthermore, if it moves up, it will be fire, and if it moves down, earth, for those are the motions of these bodies; and the same logos pertains to the intermediate elements.

6 on the infinite. De Anima - Book One 37 just once. And if it is sufficient that it make contact32 by means of some one of its parts, what need is there for it to move in a circle, or indeed to have magnitude at all? But if it is necessary for it to think by contacting something with its whole circle, what will contact by its parts be? And furthermore, how will it think what has parts by means of what does not, or what does not by means of what does? This circle must of necessity be the intellect.

For when the surrounding atmosphere masses against bodies and drives out the atomic shapes that give the animals their motion (by being never at rest themselves), reinforcements come from outside when similar ones rush in to replace them during respiration. Since these also prevent the ones remaining in the animals from being expelled, fortifying them against the pressing forces and regrouping them, the animals continue to live as long as they are able to do this. What is said by the Pythagoreans12 seems to contain the same thought too, for some of them said that soul is the motes in the air, others that it is what moves these.

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