Database Concepts by David M. Kroenke, David Auer

By David M. Kroenke, David Auer

Written by means of of the world's major database experts, Database innovations introduces the basic strategies scholars have to create and use small databases.

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If you click the No button, the row reappears. Click the Yes button to complete the deletion of the row. ■■ Note: Alternatively, you can delete the row by clicking the row selector cell and then pressing the Delete key. The same Microsoft Access dialog box shown in Figure AW-1-30 then appears. Because we do not want to really lose Jessica Christman’s data at this point, add a new row to the CUSTOMER datasheet that contains Jessica’s data. As shown in Figure AW-1-31, the CustomerID number for Jessica Christman is now 3 instead of 2.

Closing the WMCRM Database and Exiting Microsoft Access 2010 1. To close WMCRM: Database and exit Microsoft Access 2010, click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the Microsoft Access 2010 window. Chapter One Getting Started 51 Summary The importance of database processing increases every day because databases are used in information systems everywhere—and increasingly so. The purpose of this book is to teach you essential database concepts and to help you get started using and learning database technology.

As shown in Figure AW-1-34, the completed form appears in a tabbed document window and a WMCRM Customer Data Form object is added to the Navigation Pane. ■■ Note: The WMCRM Customer Data Form is properly constructed and sized for our needs. Sometimes, however, we might need to make adjustments to the form design. We can make form design changes by switching to form Design view. To switch to form Design view, click the Design View button in the View gallery. Now that we have the form we need, we can use the form to add some data to the CUSTOMER table.

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