Dark Energy and the Formation of the Large Scale Structure by Jérôme Gleyzes

By Jérôme Gleyzes

This thesis offers a number of major new effects that make clear significant puzzles of contemporary cosmology: the character of inflation, the very early section of the universe that's inspiration to have given upward thrust to the large-scale buildings that we detect this present day; and that of the present sped up enlargement. particularly, it develops a fresh procedure for characterizing linear cosmological perturbations for basic theories the place gravity is changed and/or stricken by a brand new part, known as darkish strength, liable for the sped up growth. It proposes a brand new extension to what have been lengthy regarded as the main normal scalar box theories without instabilities, and demonstrates the robustness of the relation among the strength scale of inflation and the expected amplitude of gravitational waves. ultimately, it consolidates a collection of consistency family among correlation features of the cosmological density box and investigates the phenomenological outcomes in their strength violation. offered in a transparent, succinct and rigorous variety, each one of those unique effects is either profound and significant and may depart a deep mark at the field.

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It might well be that the regions of the parameter space they allow are not fully explored by any of the known theories (which led us to the theories beyond Horndeski of Chap. 3). As we will see, the same kind of reasoning applies to the comparison with observations. 6 In general, the spatial metric contains also a (non-dynamical) vectorial part, which can be set to zero by using the spatial gauge freedom. 5 Evolution of Cosmological Perturbations In this section I will discuss the effects of the deviations from CDM on the evolution of perturbations, in the vector, tensor and scalar sectors, the latter being the richest–and most complicated–in term of phenomenology.

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However, the physics can be discussed analytically in specific cases, that give an idea of the effects expected. In particular, I will focus on the role played by kinetic braiding. Indeed, one can see appearing in Eq. 103) kB = αB 44 2 The Effective Field Theory of Dark Energy which has been called braiding scale [18]. We shall explore two examples that show it is associated with noticeable modifications of gravity. • α B = 0: It can be seen as the extreme limit where k B → ∞, meaning that all modes are outside of the braiding length, k k B .

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