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Daisy and the First Wish (Fairy Blossoms, No. 5) by Suzanne Williams

By Suzanne Williams

Daisy loves assisting humans—it's what she's consistently desired to do. Then she meets a bit woman named Nina who makes an very unlikely want. Daisy's magic wand cannot supply Nina what she wants—but perhaps Daisy can locate otherwise!

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Daisy nodded. Laughing, she told Nina about how she’d fallen into a stream the very first time she and Poppy met. ” Nina asked. “Sure,” said Daisy. “But then Poppy and I started to talk, and . . well . . ” Nina sighed. “I had a lot of friends before I moved here. ” A wave of sadness washed over Daisy. Was that what Nina was feeling? “You’ll make new friends,” Daisy said gently. 52 “Maybe,” said Nina. She sounded doubtful. At noon, Nina’s mother came in with a lunch tray. Daisy made herself invisible until she left.

Daisy nodded. She thought so too. And she could hardly wait to grant Nina’s wishes—whatever they might be. 31 5 A Favor T he next morning the fairies practiced their human disguises one last time. It was after lunch before they left for Blessings. When Daisy and Poppy reached the school yard, the children were outside at recess. Invisible, the fairies fluttered up to the playground. “Look! ” Poppy exclaimed. He was kicking a ball around with 32 some other boys, in a field next to the school. Poppy flew off to watch them.

Nina still couldn’t think of a wish though. After lunch Nina asked more questions. Daisy enjoyed talking with her. But when she realized how late it was getting, she stood up and stretched her wings. “I’m afraid I have to go. ” “Please don’t go,” Nina begged. “I don’t know what to wish for yet. ” Daisy hesitated. She didn’t want to be late. ” Nina’s face lit up. “Really? ” Hopping out of bed, she opened the window for Daisy. “See you later,” she said. Daisy waved to Nina, then flitted toward the town square.

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