CuO - CGO Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

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The gas stream was humidified by bubbling the gas through water at room temperature. The temperature dependent measurements were performed between 400 °C and 850 °C in 50 °C steps. After the system was equilibrated at the specific temperature, the outlet gases were quantitatively measured for 10 minutes. CATALYTIC TESTS Methane: Steam to carbon ratio experiments The isothermal experiments for the quantitative determination of the steam-reforming activity were conducted for 1 hr at 600 °C and 700 °C.

Full ceramic anode materials, that can be operated with hydrocarbons are discussed in details in Chapter 4. 5 Summary As far as it concerns pure hydrogen or steam reformed syngas as fuel, nickel is the best choice as metallic component for the anode [1]. The same argument is valid for any type of catalyzed steam reforming process. An operation with hydrocarbons storable as liquids like propane or butane is most interesting for any mobile or remote application. However, operation of a SOFC Ni-anode directly with hydrocarbons is impossible due to its high hydrocarbon cleavage activity (Reaction 8).

In SOFC anodes steam reforming activity is only one of several requirements the material must fulfill. Instead of steam reforming the partial oxidation with electrochemically produced oxygen, respectively oxygen ions, is possible. Therefore alternative materials are under investigation, that may lead to better performing anodes with hydrocarbons. Copper, as a substitute for nickel in the anode, reduces the carbon deposition, some losses of the catalytical activity are compensated by ceria [19].

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