Cosmic Rays and Particle Physics by Thomas K. Gaisser, Ralph Engel, Elisa Resconi

By Thomas K. Gaisser, Ralph Engel, Elisa Resconi

Over fresh years there was marked progress in curiosity within the learn of innovations of cosmic ray physics by means of astrophysicists and particle physicists. Cosmic radiation is critical for the astrophysicist simply because within the farther reaches of the universe. For particle physicists, it presents the chance to review neutrinos and extremely excessive strength debris of galactic starting place. extra importantly, cosmic rays constitue the history, and in certain cases in all probability the sign, for the extra unique unconfirmed hypothesized debris reminiscent of monopoles and sparticles. focusing on the top power cosmic rays, this e-book describes the place they originate, collect power, and engage, in accreting neutron stars, supernova remnants, in large-scale surprise waves. It additionally describes their interactions within the surroundings and within the earth, how they're studied in floor and extremely huge underground detectors, and what they let us know.

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