Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems by Philip Bernstein, Vassos Hadzilacos, Nathan Goodman

By Philip Bernstein, Vassos Hadzilacos, Nathan Goodman

This e-book is ready innovations for concurrency keep watch over and restoration. It covers thoughts for centralized and disbursed desktops, and for unmarried replica, multiversion, and replicated databases. those thoughts have been built through researchers and method designers mostly attracted to transaction processing platforms and database structures. Such platforms needs to method a comparatively excessive quantity of brief transactions for information processing. instance functions comprise digital money move, airline reservation, and order processing. The innovations are invaluable for different sorts of functions too, comparable to digital switching and computer-aided layout - certainly any software that calls for atomicity and reliability of simultaneously executing courses that entry shared information.

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As we saw in Chapter 1, a transaction may be generated by concurrently executing programs. For example, a program that reads data items x and y and writes their sum into z might issue the two Reads in parallel. This type of execution is modelled as a partial order. In other words, the transaction need not specify the order of every two operations that appear in it. For instance, the transaction just mentioned would be represented as: This says that w,[z] must happen after both TJX] and rL[y], but that the order in which TJX] and ~~[y] take place is unspecified and therefore arbitrary.

The Preface). 40 CHAPTER 2 I SERIALIZABILITY THEORY serializability. Specifically, we define a history H to be view serializable (VSR) if for any prefix H’ of H, C(H’) is view equivalent to some serial history, For emphasis we’ll use conflict serjaalizable (CSR) for what we have thus far simply called serializable. The reason for insisting that the committed projection of every prefix of H (instead of just the committed projection of H itself) be view equivalent to a serial history is to ensure that view serializability is a prefix commit-closed property.

1 Let H, and H, be totally ordered histories. Define a (symmetric) relation - between such histories as follows: HI - Hz iff H, = p,pr . . pi-i pr pi+ 1 . . pn and H? = P,P~ . . pi-1 P,+I P, pi+? . ). Extend - to arbitrary (not necessarily totally ordered) histories as follows: HI - H, iff there exist totally ordered histories H’,, H> compatible with H,, H, (respectively), such that H’, - H>. (fit is compatible with H if they have the same operations and p

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