Queen of the Orcs: Clan Daughter (Queen of the Orcs) by Morgan Howell

By Morgan Howell

Enslaved through King Kregant’s military, Dar survived through befriending the fierce orcs who have been additionally pressured to serve. Now she has escaped–only to discover that the cost of freedom can be her destiny.Calling on her untried management talents, Dar publications the surviving orc infantrymen to the security in their homeland–but the extended family leaders refuse to simply accept her until she will be able to free up their queen from Kregant’s fort. Shaken via her transforming into present for darkish prophecy and a destiny she feels unprepared to simply accept, Dar needs to infiltrate the very middle of the despot’s empire. There she is going to become aware of unforeseen treachery and an historic energy that threatens the way forward for all.Look for Books I and III within the Queen of the Orcs trilogy

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I also make sand ice vessels to store things. ” “If you drop them, they break,” said Kovok-mah. He laughed. ” “You have such useful skills,” said Dar. ” “Sons must protect mothers,” said Kovok-mah. ” asked Dar. “I don’t know,” said Kovok-mah. ” “Perhaps you’re right,” said Dar, thinking Zna-yat had a better grasp of human ruthlessness than the others. “Long ago,” said Kovok-mah, “urkzimmuthi did not fight. We made no weapons. ” “Those were lessons washavokis taught our ancestors,” said Zna-yat.

The moon had yet to rise, and Dar could see little more than the pale dirt of the roadway. No light shone from any hut’s window and the landscape was wrapped in shadow. Thus, when Dar turned a bend and saw the fire, it immediately caught her attention. She halted. ” she asked Kovok-mah. He peered down the roadway. ” Dar sighed and resumed walking. ” The vision persisted. It burned on the roadside, and Dar could avoid it only by making a detour. There seemed little point in doing that, so she said nothing and continued onward.

Rags were also wrapped around both her hands, so that one appeared entirely fingerless and the other seemed to be missing two. After dark, the orcs would venture forth in similar disguises, but only Dar’s could withstand scrutiny in daylight. Thus, only she could get food. After sneaking about for so many days, it took some time for Dar to get used to walking openly on the road. It helped that there was little traffic. The hills were sparsely populated, and Dar walked a long while before she encountered a small holding.

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