Cataclysmic variable stars by Coel Hellier

By Coel Hellier

This article provides a number of illustrations of the saw variability of cataclysmic variable stars. It offers a transparent clarification and thorough up to date review of this phenomenon at a degree obtainable to the complex beginner or undergraduate pupil.

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Diameter 64 cm. Pythagoras CaS) is on the terminator near the bottom. Riimker CdS) looks more like a mound than a crater. 66. 1 days. Diameter 64 em. The Montes Jura (a6) rise to about 6100 m. The Montes Harbinger (e2) are about 2400 m high. 66. 7 days. Diameter 64 cm. This was taken 12 hours before Full Moon. The libration is favourable; the craters on the terminator (limb) will not often show up like this. 66. 6 days. Diameter 64 cm. This is not a favourable libration. Many of the craters shown on Plate 8c are out of sight here, beyond the limb.

66. 8 days. Diameter 64 cm. Note the "St. Andrew's Cross" marking on the Western wall of Grimaldi (gl). 66. 7 days. Diameter 64 cm. This was taken 12 hours before Full Moon. Einstein (h6) is just beyond the terminator. Vasco da Gama (h6) is showing plainly. 65, with the author's six-inch reflector. This crater may be well seen on only one or two nights in the average year. "tou o 3 . S I G:/pc Lichtenberg 00 ~NSumiJnn ~ v,4 0 --O . J:dUVili. A0 _. 5ton ~iMer v,. ~ 813";:'~;ger" --Vb'

I OGru i thvi PRCJGEbbARl)M Gruitn U;$~~fS l)elt. 5 - -I <> £0 ItA/; 0 . strom Del':;/e "f:. I c. B f// ..... " . -", . Zo ) HiJrbinger 04: prinz. s I -~l Eo h 9 __ t k~s ~~---------r------------~------------t_----------; Regnau/t c:::::-~enO;hiJne5 -:/' Bah ~oo . B £: 8 Crater Diameters Pythagoras ............................... 130 Gerard ......................................... 90 Seleucus ...................................... 43 Wollaston ................................... 10 Euler ...........................................

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