Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 10) by Michelle Sagara

By Michelle Sagara

Any day that starts off with dragon arguments goes to be undesirable

Kaylin again from the West March in a single piece. Now that piece is fraying. She's no longer at domestic within the Imperial Palace—and she by no means intends to be. All she desires is basic garden-variety criminals and a spot of her personal. after all, general in her new lifestyles includes a dragon as a roommate, yet she will be able to deal with that.

She can't as simply deal with the recent citizens to the town she polices, simply because one among them is Nightshade's more youthful brother. On an evening whilst she can be speaking to landlords in completely general constructions, she's referred to as to the fief—by Teela. A small relatives war of words has turn into a wide, advanced challenge: citadel Nightshade's latent magic is waking.

And it's no longer the one factor.

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Kyle lurched forward, opened his mouth to call out. A warning? A plea? But Cowl shouted, ‘Get down’ The magus stretched his arms high, reached up as if grasping the clouds. His hands clenched into fists then the arms snapped down. A fusillade of lightning lashed the Spur. The barrage seemed to drive the stone down beneath their feet. Men howled all around, true terror cracking their voices. Kyle fell as the rock kicked back at him. The continuous flashing blinded him. He lay with his arms over his head, shouting wordlessly, begging that it end.

Kyle squinted but could make out nothing of Greymane's face or gestures. The mage grunted, evidently seeing some answer and fished a slim steel needle from his robes. He began scratching at the curved blade. ‘Anything you want? Your name? Oponn's favour? ’ The needle stopped moving. Rain pattered like sling missiles against Kyle's shoulders. Smoky looked up, his eyes slitted, searching Kyle's face, and then he flashed a conspiratorial grin. ‘Saw the histories on the way up too, aye? ’ He etched the spiral of Wind into the blade.

He turned to the short mercenary beside him. ’ Beneath the lip of his sodden cloth-wrapped helmet, the man's eyes flicked to Kyle, wide with outrage. ‘The name's not Junior,’ he forced through clenched teeth. Kyle cursed his stupidity and these odd foreign names. ‘Sorry. ’ ‘Smoky can call anyone whatever he damned well pleases. You better show more respect…’ ‘Sorry, I—’ Someone yanked on Kyle's hauberk; he spun to find Stoop. The old sapper flashed him a wink, said, ‘Let's not bother friend Boll here with our questions.

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