Capillary gas Chromatography in Food Control and Research

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9) are based on impulse action, and unlike the RG devices are insensitive to the DC current value flowing through them. An RG-PLS device is operated by a drastic current change: di/dt. Moreover, a builtin filter in the RG-PLS device prevents its operation through short modulation current pulses occurring in the controlled circuit. This type of device can be adapted to different response current ranges (from fractions of amperes to tens of amperes) and have a built-in trip level controller. 8 RG-PLS device circuit diagram.

When a control signal is generated, contact K2 is closed and then contact Kl is switched, allowing for current flow in the load. During this time period the transistor is cut off because of collector-emitter junction shunting. As signal to control coil Kl is removed the contact is returned to its initial state in which the transistor is also cut off, then contact K2 is disconnected with very low current (limited with high resistance resistor RB) de-energizing the load. In this device the transistor is activated only during contact Kl switching, providing for arcless commutation.

11. 6 High voltage switching devices HVTS-15, H VTS-5 and HVTS-25 for voltages 15,5 and 25 kV, respectively, and switching current up to 5 kA. 7 HVTS-2-15 series device for 15 k V and switching current up to 10 kA. 8a Internal design of the HVTS-series devices. 8b Circuit diagram of the HVTS'Series devices. Rl to RN - special high voltage high ohmic resistors; Tl to TN - epoxy encapsulated HV pulse transformers. 9 Circuit diagram of HVTS device, operated with RG-series relay. 10 Discharge characteristic of HVTS device: 1 - current in a control circuit; 2 - discharge current (capacitor 5 ^F, voltage 15 kV, ballast resistor 10 Q).

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