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Bug Zoo by Nick Baker

By Nick Baker

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Put a worm on dry paper and the setae make a scratchy sound. 28 Is the worm above male or female? Where the wild worms wiggle HEAD END Brandling worm All the vital orga ns are in the front section be tween the mouth and the saddle. In here are the worm’s five hearts, its brain, its stomac h, and the reproductive pa rts. While it’s not true that cu tting a worm in half will give yo u two worms, th e front section ca n survive and grow a new tail. (Eisenia fetida) One of the easiest species to find is the brandling worm, also known as the tiger worm because of its distinctive striped appearance.

Fill the top box with an empty one with space below to collect compost. peelings or leaves (not soil), and add your worms. Make ventilation holes or a netting window in the lid and put the lid on. Old carrot peelings THINGS TO LOOK FOR Eggs and babies If you pick through your poop factory carefully, you might notice worm eggs. These are tiny little almost lemon-shaped cocoons. If you hold them up to the light and examine them with a magnifying glass, you might be able to see the brand new brandlings inside.

When threatened, it produces a yellow fluid that smells bad, which is possibly why it’s also known as the garlic worm. Brandling worms are found in heaps of rotting plant material, especially compost heaps. Night crawler (Lumbricus terrestris) This is one of the biggest of the garden worm species and can reach 1 ft (30 cm) long. Night crawlers hide in deep burrows during the day, but you can find them on lawns on warm, wet nights when they come up to find fresh food. Step carefully if you look for them—they are incredibly shy and quickly dart back underground.

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