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Brother Bear

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Now. ” Rachel wiped her eyes dry. “I don’t really know if I remember him, or if I just remember what my mother has told me about him. ” Malgam looked at Indigo. Indigo nodded. “Daniel said it was one of the ways the government gets rid of people they suspect of being rebels. They summon them, as if they need them in some war effort. Then they get rid of them and claim they were killed in action. ” Rachel searched Indigo’s face. “When? ” Indigo’s eyes looked as sad as Pathik’s had moments before.

She smiled, tentatively. She shrugged her shoulders. ” Bender squinted at Nandy. “And she did do good to help Pathik. ” Nandy crossed her arms and waited. Bender bit his lip again. He stepped sideways until he was in front of Rachel. He squinted up at her. “You, Rachel . ” Bender faltered, looked at Nandy. “Are welcome . ” said Nandy. Bender continued in a rush. “. . ” He extended his hands to Rachel. Pathik took Rachel’s hands in his and placed them atop Bender’s. “I thank you,” he prompted in a whisper.

Nandy shrugged off her coat. Rachel pointed at the creature. “I think . . ” Nandy walked over to the table and sat down. She stroked the long, muscled back of the animal. ” The creature made no reply; it stared at Rachel, inscrutable. Rachel hesitated. “I’ve read about those, I think. In the books they called them sheep-cats. ” “Nipper’s pretty big as Woollies go. Most are a bit smaller. But your books are right about the vicious part. If I managed to get close enough to touch a wild Woolly I would lose my hand.

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