Body and Cosmology in Kashmir Saivism by Gavin D. Flood

By Gavin D. Flood

"Kashmir Saivism" refers to monistic Hindu Saiva traditions which constructed from the ninth to eleventh centuries B.C. This e-book locations the belief of the "body" within the Saiva international of spiritual that means via displaying how Siva, equated with natural attention, is assumed to develop into embodied within the universe via a means of emanation. The textual content seeks to teach the significance of the physique - inspiration to include natural awareness, and the cosmos, within the yogic and formality paths of transformation; those paths lead the monistic Saiva to the popularity of his identification with splendid attention and the attention that his physique is coterminous with the universe.

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13 in Kashmir and debated with the monistic tradition by which it was eventually supplanted. 16 The second relevance is group the of scriptures Bhairava which Tantras, are the of direct scriptural inspiration of monistic Saivism. These texts are concerned with the worship of Siva as the ferocious Bhairava (1988) this and/or Sakti has the and former feminine in some form. ), text and of in of the the (SVT) , a text concerned with the popular worship of Siva Kashmir the in the light of Abhinavagupta, an example the of Trika, the the (MVT) emphasising the w o r s h i p (see below).

Sources of and I the (1) here traditions life, stripping antinomian briefly aspects describe beginning with Agamic √°aivism. their The Tantras source of or Egamas Kashmir are th Saivism; (1988) has clearly shown the interrelation of these various textual traditions and a detailed of literature this the the Saiva Egamas. scriptural Sanderson of some of the shall scriptural authority, revealed way vast Goudriaan and Gupta is found in Gonda (1981). 12 The groups have and and the authority here are the Siddhanta and Bhairava Egamas and Tantras.

Are regarded layers being as who The various levels grosser sound or or layers more is being identified alphabet (v a r n a ) identified cosmological of impure sound, with levels the expressions lower than 40 the higher. The yogi's ascent through the worlds of the cosmos is therefore also an ascent sound which correspond to worlds. levels of the cosmos sound through Indeed and world layers of in the higher are not distinct (pp. I 3 5 f f ). A Saiva six-fold classification way of (sadadhvan) cosmology shows that called the worlds are identified with layers of sound.

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