III. Beyond the Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy) by Brent Weeks

By Brent Weeks

Logan Gyre is king of Cenaria, a rustic lower than siege, with a threadbare military and little wish. He has one likelihood - a determined gamble, yet one who may well ruin his kingdom.In the north, the hot Godking has a plan. If it involves fruition, nobody can have the facility to prevent him. Kylar Stern has no selection. to save lots of his friends-and possibly his enemies-he needs to accomplish the most unlikely: assassinate a goddess. past the Shadows is the action-packed end to the evening Angel Trilogy.

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Halfman nodded. ” Together, they strapped the wicker basket to Halfman’s back. There were thongs that wrapped around each shoulder and his hips to help him bear the great weight of the clay pot full of sewage. Hopper promised to have another pot ready by the time Halfman got back. Halfman trudged through the cold basalt hallways. It was always dark in the slaves’ passages, with only enough torches burning so the slaves could avoid colliding. “I’m tired of banging toothless slaves,” a voice said around the next intersection of hallways.

Studying Lantano Garuwashi, he cocked his head to the side. Feir felt a chill at the sight of that visage. Any shred of childhood that had been left in the young man Feir had met six months ago was gone. Feir didn’t know what had replaced it. “No,” the Night Angel pronounced. “There is no taint in you that demands death. Another ceuros will come to you, Lantano Garuwashi. In five years, I will meet you at dawn on Midsummer’s Day in the High Hall of the Aenu. We shall show the world a duel such as it has never seen.

Tavi was a classic aetheling: good-looking if with a hawkish nose, well-groomed, well-dressed, an aura of command, and the stench of great power, despite being barely fifteen years old. Halfman couldn’t help but size him up instantly—this one would be the first of his seed class. This would have been one Dorian would have tried to kill early. Too arrogant, though. Tavi was the kind who needed to brag. He would never make it through his uurdthan. “And I can fuck who I please, too,” Tavi said, coming to a stop.

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