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Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison

By Lisi Harrison

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She was hoping the Halloween party would give her the answers she was looking for. ” Kristen asked. ” Dylan rolled her eyes. ” “No, you told me,” Alicia said. “Oh,” Dylan replied. “And you didn't tell Kristen? ” “I didn't need the points that week. ” “Whatever. I thought it was obvious. ” “Yeah, but you said he moved like he was getting electrocuted,” Kristen said. “Well, you said he was too short for you and all he wanted to talk to you about was soccer,” Dylan replied. “Which is a good thing, since I LOVE SOCCER,” Kristen said.

No way,” Massie said. “You'd be lucky to wear my clothes. That's not a punishment—it's a reward. ” Massie twirled the charm bracelet on her wrist while she thought. “I know, the loser has to wear one of my old snowsuits to class for a week. ” “Massie, you're being ridiculous,” Kendra said. Massie kept her focus on Claire. “Fine,” Claire agreed. She extended her arm and Massie grabbed Claire's hand. They shook over and over again, because neither one wanted to be the first to bow out and let go.

Y-yeah, happy birthday, William,” Claire added. Her voice was strained and her smile forced. ” Massie turned to Claire. She knew Claire would have no idea what she was talking about and hoped she would play along. “No, you should,” Claire said. ” Massie looked at Claire with a humble smile and puppy dog eyes, hoping her parents would believe affection and respect flowed effortlessly between them. “Mom, Dad, Judi, Jay,” she addressed her audience. “Claire and I were talking before bed, which we've been doing ah lot lately, and—” She paused for effect.

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