Beginning XSLT 2.0: From Novice to Professional by Jeni Tennison

By Jeni Tennison

This followup to Jeni Tennison's Beginning XSLT has been up-to-date to accomodate the revised XSLT typical. half one in all this publication introduces XML and XSLT at a snug velocity, and progressively demonstrates suggestions for producing HTML (plus different formats), from XML. partially , Tennison applies idea to real-life XSLT capabilities—including producing photos.


Each bankruptcy comprises step by step examples (with code on hand online), plus assessment questions on the finish, that can assist you seize the mentioned positive aspects. in truth, all the examples and workouts revolve round a fascinating universal subject matter: making television listings to be had on-line. This e-book lives as much as its identify, and may certainly take you from a beginner to a pro, in no time!

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The closer the representation that you use is to the one used by the source or destination of the data, the easier it will be to process. Another factor that might influence the representations that you use is the availability of a standard representation, which we’ll come to soon. ■Summary You can hold simple data in either attributes or elements, but you have to use elements to hold structured information. qxd 32 6/20/05 10:42 AM Page 32 CHAPTER 1 ■ INTRODUCING XML Representing Relationships In the last section, we created some basic XML for the important information in our TV guide.

Viewing a non-well-formed XML document in Internet Explorer By simply opening your document in Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can use any error messages that it shows you to identify the problems in your XML documents. XHTML As you’ve seen, HTML doesn’t follow the XML rules. However, you can turn HTML into XHTML. 0,” is more accurate. As we’ve seen, HTML is a markup language in the SGML family; XHTML is the same markup language (the same vocabulary and grammar) as HTML, but this time in the XML family.

In XML, these empty elements can use a special syntax: a forward-slash before the closing angle bracket of the start tag rather than having an end tag. gif" />
■Tip I put a space before the forward-slash out of habit—it’s not necessary in XML, but including one in XHTML means that older browsers that only understand HTML don’t balk at empty XHTML elements, particularly those that don’t have attributes such as

. gif">

Nested Elements Elements in XHTML have to nest properly inside each other—you can’t have the end tag in the content of an element unless its start tag is also within that element.

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