Beginning iOS Cloud and Database Development: Build by Brian Miller, Nathan Ooley, Nick Tichawa

By Brian Miller, Nathan Ooley, Nick Tichawa

Starting iOS Cloud and Database improvement will get you begun with development apps that use Apple's iCloud. You'll research the concepts with a view to help you devise and create iOS apps that may have interaction with iCloud servers. From the fundamentals up, you'll gradually how one can configure your app for iCloud, add and obtain records, enforce revisions, upload clash solution regulations, and paintings with customized documents.
There's extra! You'll combine iCloud with center information dependent purposes. along with technical suggestion, you'll locate feedback and most sensible practices to layout the interplay of iCloud-driven applications.

According to many resources, analysts, and exhibits, Apple will depend a growing number of on iCloud or internet apps within the cloud to shop and move data-intensive media and other forms of apps. because the majority of apps use a few kind of data—and that basically will develop as apps develop into extra complicated with wealthy and streaming media—this e-book indicates builders easy methods to create apps for iCloud, Apple's new cloud computing garage and information provider.

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So, with that said let’s go a little deeper. 57 58 CHAPTER 5: iCloud Document Storage with UIDocument Ubiquity Container The Ubiquity Container is sometimes referred to as the iCloud container. It is a physically separate folder or container on the device to which your application has access. Any file data that your application puts into the container will be uploaded to iCloud and pushed down to the users’ other devices that have your app installed. The container is first created when you request the container URL from the iCloud Storage API.

The method should now look like this: #pragma mark - Button Methods -(IBAction)btnClosePressed:(id)sender { [self updateAllDefaults]; [self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:^{ if(_isChanged) [AppDelegate syncKVStore]; }]; } This completes the iCloud Key-Value Store implementation, but we still have one small problem. Because the Key-Value Store updates can happen at any time while the app is running, we should also configure our UI to handle that. This is an easy task to handle with NSNotificationCenter.

The other important aspect of this is that we ensure that the constant cannot be changed by the running program at any time. It will actually throw a compiler error if you try to change the constant value. Application Delegate and NSUserDefaults NSUserDefaults is a local key-value store provided by iOS. Its intended use is to store settings that help determine the application’s default state. In our case we will use it to store the user’s display name and his favorite number. Because we want to be sure these defaults exist when the application starts, it makes the most sense to start in the application delegate.

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