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Basic Manners by Ann Ingalls,Ronnie Rooney

By Ann Ingalls,Ronnie Rooney

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Now you can find me with Jordan, parked in the garden building a trap for insects or graphing the growth on our marigold plants or just watching the day yawn, noting in my notebook all the changes I see. ” Surprised, I only nod. ” I nod again. ” He nets up a tadpole, measures it, and writes down the data. ” “But Josie, you know tons of stuff! ” But at school, only Jordan knows. three feet square One of the four experiments Jordan and I have running in the garden is a patch of dirt three feet square.

Paroled Paroled. It takes me hours, but I finally write, tell Jordan about Gran, and close with hopes that he has a good final week and mean it— like a real friend would. like sun Gran’s coming home! Home! It feels like the first butterfly or the golden notes of cardinals or a whole bed of poppies ablaze. We can bring her home. Mom needs to drop off a design at the nursery. Her office, not much bigger than a closet, but I’m impressed to see her name on the door with manager and designer under it.

Thing is, that vine goes crazy in this climate, blanketing whole forests. No sunlight or even fresh air can get under the umbrella of its leaves so things can breathe and grow. The way Mom and I don’t talk out what happened grows between us until the air feels choked like those trees. awake After Mom’s long day at the nursery we head to the ICU, stuffing our faces with fast food on the way, which covers up the not talking—nearly. After three long days, just when hope starts to fade, Gran’s eyes flutter.

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