Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics: Proceedings of by Abdus Salam (auth.), Michele Caffo, Roberto Fanti, Giorgio

By Abdus Salam (auth.), Michele Caffo, Roberto Fanti, Giorgio Giacomelli, Alvio Renzini (eds.)

In the advance of primary Physics on one facet, and of Astronomy/Cosmology at the different aspect, classes of parallell, quite self sustaining growth appear to trade with others of extreme interplay and mutual impact. To this latter case belong the very beginnings of recent Physics, with Galileo and Newton. there's now a frequent feeling that one other of such flourishing classes could have all started a few ten years in the past, with the appearance of Unified Theories and the creation of Inflationary Cosmologies. The interplay among the 2 disciplines has turn into tighter ever considering the fact that, spurring stories of e. g. astronomical and particle darkish subject applicants, Superstrings and Cosmic Strings, part transitions within the Early Universe, and so on. and so forth. Then the new delivery of Neutrino Astronomy has further extra taste to this just right conjunction. It was once certainly with the transparent conception of this pattern that six years in the past CERN and ESO determined to together manage a chain of symposia concentrating on the interactions among Astronomy, Cosmology, and primary Physics, to be held approximately each years. the purpose of those conferences is to collect astronomers, cosmologists, and particle physicists to replace details, to debate medical problems with universal curiosity, and to bear in mind the newest devolopments in each one self-discipline which are correct to the opposite. the 1st ESO-CERN Symposium was once held at CERN (Geneva) on November 21-25, 1983. Then for its moment version the ESO-CERN Symposium moved to Garching bei Miinchen, the place ESO headquarters can be found, and came about on March 17-21, 1986.

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It was previously believed that galaxies, clusters and superclusters of galaxies are uniformly distributed in space. However, the new picture evolving during the 1980s is that the 3- dimensional plots of redshifts are finding clusters of galaxies distributed on the surface of large "empty" bubbles. These have diameters 20 to 50 Mpcs, one to two orders of magnitude larger than the thickness of the surface of the bubbles. 2. It seems that billions of massive stars exploded becoming super novae, the blast waves from these explosions formed the empty bubbles.

Envoi I started this lecture by speaking of the four standard models elaborated during this century. In closing I would like to mention how the biological standard model is being influenced by recent advances in particle physics. It is well known that one of the basic problems in biology is the left- handedness of naturally occurring amino-acids and the right-handedness of sugars. In the laboratory these are produced as racemic mixtures with left and right molecules equal in numbers. ) A happier case is that of penicillin (D-type) which splits open the D-type skins of bacteria.

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