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Aristotle, Rhetoric I. A Commentary by William M.A. Grimaldi

By William M.A. Grimaldi

Aristotle, Rhetoric I: A remark starts off the acclaimed paintings undertaken via the writer, later accomplished within the moment (1988) quantity on Aristotle's Rhetoric. the 1st remark at the Rhetoric in additional than a century, it's not prone to be outmoded for a minimum of one other hundred years.

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B I2. 1i no'ijaQ& ... ii Neuter plural = "health"; on omission of the article, se; S. 3. "... " used absolutdy; >l ,,)'i•• a is to be understood as the subject. ",Eila". " To practice an art correctly and to be in full possession of it mean to execute the method in all its detail, not necessarily to obtain the result of the art. For, as A. says in De all. " b [S : 1 I;"'. sc. e6. "an) 8n. 3 «ijt;

Ve Tovar, read parentheses. a 32-33 tv .. •. ~... I'EV There is some confusion in the codd. here. , aVToit; A.... ,. The readings of Ross :md of Cope are rather haphazard. Kassel reads with A, except for a1lToit;, which he explains as a corruption introduced into A for aVTO! (Der Text, pp. 121£). Before coming upon Kassel I preferred to read the TO'. , with aVTo'" but his explanation for aVTO! makes sense and I 1'' ' TO', e".. ''''''1'''' TO', 30 ARISTOTLE, 'RHBTORIC' [ 55b 2 accept it. " a 32 I'-Ij liLK'.....

P. IS) about A. " Cpo Roberts, "Notes," 3S6-S7. b 18 ~..... 'l:"n &w ...... , . ' This is a distinction which A. , Met. ",) is used - as he indicates in Top. I26a 30 - I26b I. eo&ou b 23 See 54& 8. TiiN "'po ... "", b 24 olov the adverb. , the objectives proposed. CHAPTER 2. I . Introduction: 55b 25 - ssb 34 rhetoric defined: the faculty of perceiving the possibly suasive in any subject II . Development: 55b 35 - 58a 32 I. <£1, in themselves and bow they relate rhetoric to dialectics, ethics, and politics (6) 56.

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