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Aristotle And Moral Realism by Robert A Heinaman

By Robert A Heinaman

Книга Aristotle And ethical Realism Aristotle And ethical Realism Книги Психология, философия Автор: Robert A Heinaman Год издания: 1998 Формат: pdf Издат.:Westview Press Страниц: 248 Размер: 21,5 Mb ISBN: 0813391040 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:The query of ethical realism—whether our moral ideals leisure on a few goal foundation—is one who mattered as a lot to Aristotle because it does to us this day, and his writings in this subject proceed to supply notion for the modern debate. This quantity of essays expands the fruitful dialog between students of old philosophy and modern moral theorists in this query and similar concerns resembling the virtues, justice, and Aristotle’s conception of tragedy.The wonderful individuals to this quantity improve and make clear either Aristotle’s perspectives and the modern debates. This booklet makes a tremendous contribution to either subject matters, and it'll be crucial interpreting for all philosophers and classicists with an curiosity in ethical philosophy and Greek ethics.

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E. "order", and not disorder or irregularity. You do not pay attention to this, I believe, despite all your science, and you forget that geometrical equality is all powerful among the gods as among men. You are of the opinion that it is necessary to labour to gain an advantage over others (pleonfMein): this is because you neglect geometry. Note that in Plato it is a question of the cosrnological-theologkal foundation of virtue in general. This aspect is entirely absent from Aristotle and, moreover, for him it is only a question of founding a species (eidos) of particular justice, which is itself a part of justice (1130b30-3I).

But that does not prevent the two ranges I gave from doing the very same job that the others do, namely making it clear (in context), in a non-vacuous way, that the agent is not acting "for the wrong reasons," What do the courageous and temperate do? They pursue a (real) good (or avoid a real evil) despite the danger or temp29 THE VIRTUOUS AGENT'S REASONS tation. And, unlike the cowardly or licentious, they do so because they think the good (or evil) in question is a good (or evil), a good (or evil) in comparison with which the danger isn't worth avoiding, or the pleasure pursuing, in the circumstances, whereas the cowardly and licentious will be pursuing or avoiding quite different goods and evils.

Like Williams, I think of X reasons as those that enable us to understand "what it is about the situation and the action that makes this action in this situation something that would seem to [an agent with a particular virtue] the appropriate thing to do," (p, 17). But, perhaps unlike him, 1 thereby think of them as encompassing a large range. Thinking of the range of reasons a courageous agent might have for a courageous act, I come up with such things as, "I could probably save him if I climbed up there", "Someone had to volunteer", "One can't give in to tyrants", "They'll suffer if I don't get to them".

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