Ansi Std c37.60-1981 (Ieee Standard Requirements For

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1 Submersible or Dry Vault Recloser. The operating handle on a submersible recloser shall be located such that one man standing on the surface can operate it without standing directly over the recloser. 2 Pad Mounted Reclosers. Pad mounted reclosers with draw-out provisions shall include an interlock which requires manual tripping of the recloser before the primary connections can be disengaged. 6 Position Indicator. A recloser shall be provided with a position indicator, or other suitable means, which clearly indicates its closed, or open position and shall be visible from the surface.

2 Control, Secondary Wiring and Accessory Devices Check Tests. Control, secondary wiring and accessory devices shall be checked to ensure that all connections have been made correctly. Devices and relays, if needed, shall be checked by actual operation where feasible. Those circuits for which operation is not feasible shall be checked for continuity. 3 Dielectric Withstand Test; One Minute Dry Low Frequency. 1-(2). 1-(2) is used. 4 Mechanical Operations Tests. The mechanical operations tests shall include the following: (1)Inspection of the external parts (2) Manual tripping by the tripping lever (3) Without trouble or malfunction, 25 consecutive operational tests to check performance of a mechanism, sequencing, and time devices.

Reclosers shall be subjected to the following calibration, where applicable, for conformance to published time-current characteristic curves. Calibration may be performed on the individual control elements sub-assembly prior to final assembly on the recloser. When the latter is done, the effect of the operating time on the recloser shall be recognized, and the complete assembly shall be tested to assure that the device 8. 1 The tank and all appurtenances shall be made of corrosion resistant material or provided with an impact and corrosion resistant finish and should also be suitable for storage in uncovered areas.

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