Ambiguous Oracle by Spider Robinson

By Spider Robinson

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You pick the fields you want to sort by and the order in which they should be sorted and then click Sort. That’s the essence of any sort, from the simple to the most complex. Here’s how to sort your found set of records by Last Name: 1. In the Status toolbar, click Sort. Or choose Records→Sort Records, or press Ctrl+S (z-S). The Sort Records dialog box (Figure 1-16) appears. 26 FILEMAKER PRO 13: THE MISSING MANUAL 2. From the list on the left, select the Last Name field and then click Move. ) SORTING RECORDS The field name appears in the Sort Order list on the right.

If you type lots of notes, then you can scroll through them. ) Even if a field doesn’t have scroll bars, you can still add lots of text. As you type, FileMaker just makes the field grow to hold whatever you type. When you leave the field, it shrinks back to its normal size, hiding anything that goes outside the edges. Don’t worry, though; the text reappears when you click back into the field. You can enter text into a field in all the usual ways, like typing on your keyboard or pasting text you copied from another field or another program.

Is it completely random? Remain calm. When the records are unsorted, they’re in creation order. So the first record you ever created (but haven’t deleted yet) comes first, followed by the next one you created, and so on. Creation order is FileMaker’s natural order for the records. Once you sort the records, they stay in that order until you sort again or explicitly unsort them. ) Whew, that’s a relief. But if I create a new record while I’m viewing a list that’s sorted, I can’t always tell where the new record will appear.

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