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A Pony's Tale (My Little Pony) by Jodi Huelin

By Jodi Huelin

It is time for this year's Pony Play! Cotton sweet is the director, and he or she may be operating a bit too not easy to make the play ideal. fortunately, she realizes little support from her buddies is simply what it takes to place at the most sensible exhibit ever!

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I guess that sounds okay. ” Daniel dug a crumpled wad of papers out of his duffel bag. “Team roster. ” He paused. “Why are you doing this? ” I nodded and he grinned. ” I’d traveled with the team before; Coach is always looking for volunteers to help carry bags and make coffee runs for him during away games, so I knew the guys. And I knew they’d be up for a game. They live to compete. I sent out an email and before you know it, I had game number two set up. I was a natural. One of the books I’d read said that the savviest businesspeople always make plans in sets of three because that improves the odds of success.

For a second I hoped his counting aversion didn’t mean he couldn’t identify numbers; I mean, there’s only ten, nine if you count the ace as a face card and not as the one. Oh, what did I care? He wouldn’t be playing with my money. “Sure. Tomorrow. ” Another book I’d read said you have to spend money to make money. Problem was: I didn’t have any money. But I knew who did. And I could hear her car pulling into the driveway. My sister, Sarah, makes me look like a petri dish full of pond sludge. I work hard, but she works all the time.

Except that I snuck a peek over her shoulder at her bank account summary on the family computer once and knew that she saved more than she spent. ” she asked as she came into the kitchen. She must have been in a good mood, because she actually waited for my answer. Usually, when you talk to Sarah, you’re speaking to the back of her head because she’s always on the move. ” She dumped her backpack on the table to start her homework. ” “How much? And why? And you know I don’t just give money away for nothing.

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