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A Flower Fairy by Anonymous

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She had only been at college for an hour and already it felt like a month. It was going to be a long year. . A long four years without any friends or at least a soccer ball and a functioning knee so she could kick it really, really hard. She was halfway through dialing Evan’s number when she remembered that he was busy all day with his fraternity initiation. “Needy girlfriend” was the last persona she wanted to project right now, so she set her phone aside and closed her eyes. They flew open as she heard a male voice calling from the common room: “Hello .

Dearest Froshlings: peons and future leaders of America, Move-in day is officially here . . Chapter Two Orientation, OR THE WEEK OTHERWISE KNOWN AS “CAMP HARVARD” http://fm_homepage/advice/topics/freshman_year/blogspace Dear Alexis: I already finished moving in, but there’s still a week left before classes begin. We haven’t gotten any homework yet, so I’m at a loss for what to do! ”) Now is the time to learn the definitions of some pop-culture, non-SAT vocab words like hangover and hookup. I imagine some of you will discover that booze and sex are almost as fun as solving differential equations and conjugating Latin verbs.

Despite her apparent background as some sort of European tabloid sensation, Mimi had given Callie the distinct impression that she was weary of the limelight. In contrast, Vanessa couldn’t wait for her opportunity to shine. “We have to be careful what we wear this afternoon,” she was saying, “because the Activities Fair will be our first chance to really show ourselv—” Pause. “I mean, our first chance to really scope out the competit—” Pause. ” asked Mimi, rolling her eyes. “Exactly,” said Vanessa, grinning.

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