8XC196NT microcontroller user's manual

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2 Instruction Format MCS 96 microcontrollers combine a large set of general-purpose registers with a three-operand instruction format. This format allows a single instruction to specify two source registers and a separate destination register. For example, the following instruction multiplies two 16-bit variables and stores the 32-bit result in a third variable. MUL RESULT, FACTOR_1, FACTOR_2 ;multiply FACTOR_1 and FACTOR_2 ;and store answer in RESULT ;(RESULT)←(FACTOR_1 × FACTOR_2) An 80C186 device requires four instructions to accomplish the same operation.

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Table 2-2. 5 FOSC (Frequency Input to the Divide-by-two Circuit) State Time 8 MHz 250 ns 12 MHz 167 ns 16 MHz 125 ns 20 MHz 100 ns INTERNAL PERIPHERALS The internal peripheral modules provide special functions for a variety of applications. This section provides a brief description of each peripheral and other chapters describe each one in detail. 1 I/O Ports The 8XC196NT has eight I/O ports, ports 0–6 and the EPORT. Individual port pins are multiplexed to serve as standard I/O or to carry special-function signals associated with an on-chip peripheral or an off-chip component.

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